Wednesday, 21 February 2007

'SARBAT DA BHALLA' - a core affirmation

"O Nanak, God is the Primal Being, the Creator Lord... The Perfect Lord and Master is pervading the water, the land and the sky, in each and every heart. I have merged again into the One from whom I originated. The value of this cannot be described. Nanak meditates on Him."
Guru Arjan, Sohee, Fifth Mehl, Guru Granth Sahib, Ang 777
"Wonderful are the animated beings and their distinctions, their forms and their colours. Wonderful are the creatures that go about naked. Wonderful are the winds, and the water, and the fires that play wonders. Wonderful is the earth, and the sources of production."
Guru Nanak, Asa Ki Vaar, Guru Granth Sahib
'Nanak Naam Chardi-kala, There Bhaanih
daily Sikh affirmation

'SARBAT DA BHALLA' is the daily affirmation in Sikh tradition. It is drawn from a deep, profound spiritual heritage of service, sacrifice and union and affinity with the source of creation. 'SARBAT DA BHALLA' means caring for all existence - earth, animals, humans, solar systems and more. Everything and everyone is sacred, equal and integral to the one diverse family of life.

'SARBAT DA BHALLA' expresses the deep Sikh belief in love of all creation, the love of nature, the love of the soil, the love of the sky, the love of mountains, the love of birds, the love of all creatures, the love of humans, the love of all existence. Sikhi believes all creation is bound together through the love, benevolence, care and protection of the one creator, who has infused creation with those very same qualities. When humans depart from those qualities, and proceed to create and accumulate to satisfy their own greed, they destabilise and disrupt the cycle of love and benevolence that unifies all creation. The consequences of that greed-driven disruption are the reaction of the earth, of animals, of the creator.

We will share with readers the beautiful, empowering affirmations from the GURU GRANTH SAHIB which celebrate and affirm UNIVERSAL CREATION, and the similar affirmations from the many other spiritual traditions and movements from across history and the globe.

'SARBAT DA BHALLA' expresses the LOVE OF PEACE in its fullest comprehensive form. PEACE is not just the prevention of violence against people. It is the prevention of violence against all the earthly family and all of existence spread across the vastness of universal creation. No violence against the earth, against animals, against birds, against ecology, against humans. PEACE is about collective cohesive co-existence: People...Earth...Animals...Collective...Existence!

This site explains and shares further the message of SARBAT DA BHALLA. It invites you to share your efforts and endeavours to sustain a world which sustains this core principle of harmonious existence. Much more to follow!

"Pavan Guru, Pani Pitha, Matha Tharth Mahath"

Air is the Guru, Water is the Father, the Earth is the Paramount Mother

"Whatever is seen or heard is in the order of nature...The nether regions, the heavens, and all the forms in creation came in the course of nature...Nature prevails in the animal kingdom, its species, genera, and colours....Nature works in the air, the water, the fire, and the dust of the earth...Your nature works everywhere. You are the Master and Guardian of Nature, You the Supreme Creator...You work most intelligently."
Guru Nanak, Asa Ki Vaar, Guru Granth Sahib


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